Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picking up the slack

I guess I'm going to have to pick up the slack here because Tray and Sunday War have been taking proverbial naps on the job. So let me see what I can come up with on this very special "Sportkarma Jambalaya" edition.

Let's do a quick roundup of my favorite videos. I think that can keep us interested for a while. Mind you, these are not related in any way, they are just videos I have seen on YouTube and other places. Once in a blue moon, I actually get a good email forward with an interesting video. Here it is, in no particular order. My Top Ten Favorite Internet Videos. And by Ten, I mean Thirteen.

1. Puppy Falls asleep.

2. Evolution of dance.

3. British Idol makes me cry.

4. The media hates Black People.

5. God Bless you Willis McGahee

6. The play, starting at :53 seconds to go...

7. The play, Part Deux: Sportskarma is alive and well

8. He's headed for the corner...

9. 4th and 18

10. Spaced: The Guy Code

11. The Landlord

12. The best Punked ever?

13. This guy is my hero. (Literally and figuratively)

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